Solicit & Act on Feedback

Grantees provide valuable perspective that can help inform a funder’s support and services.



  • Anonymously survey grantees (or find ways to ask them conversationally) about your practices as a funder

  • Before making major changes or updates, glean grantee feedback to inform those changes

  • Inform grantees on how their input was used (or not) to inform your decision(s), and why



  • Offers insight that can help funders better serve grantees

  • Encourages mutual trust and authenticity

  • Improves funder practices and policies, with the potential to provide learning for the field of philanthropy


From the Blog

“There are so many encouraging efforts in the philanthropic sector to enhance the practice of soliciting feedback. Ultimately, we build trust when we listen and act on what we hear — or at least communicate back why we cannot.” —Pia Infante, The Whitman Institute