Pull up a chair and get started.

Whether you already embody trust-based principles, or you’re curious about what trust-based philanthropy is, you’ve come to the right place. This curated list of tools and resources will help you bring trust-based principles into practice.


Great Funder–Nonprofit Relationships Toolkit

This toolkit from Exponent Philanthropy is designed to help funders recognize the aspects of great relationships with their grantees, assess competencies, and consider ways to improve how to be in partnership.

Highlights Include:

  • Identifying the hallmarks of great relationships

  • A self-diagnostic that can help you identify opportunities for improvement

  • Two key skills that can improve relationships in any given area.

An Overview of Trust-Based Philanthropy

Trust-Based Philanthropy reimagines traditional funder-grantee relationships by addressing the inherent power imbalances that exist between foundations and nonprofits. Infused by core values of power-sharing, equity, humility, transparency, curiosity, and collaboration, trust-based philanthropy envisions a world in which funders authentically partner with grantees.

Highlights include:

  • The six interrelated principles which contribute to greater equity in the sector: Provide multi-year, unrestricted funding; Do the homework; Simplify & streamline paperwork; Be transparent & responsive; Solicit & act on feedback; Offer support beyond the check


Pia Infante: Taking Stock and Looking Ahead

In this powerful video from Grantmakers for Effective Organizations’ 2018 gathering, Pia Infante, trustee and co-executive director of the Whitman Institute, reflects on her vision for the future of philanthropy.

Highlights include:

  • Pia poignantly puts today’s stringent grant requirements in context, taking listeners back in time to the powerful visionaries of the past, from Ida B. Wells to the leaders of SNCC, and asks: Would we have funded them? Would they have received support from funders?