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A Trust-Based Approach

Download our 2-page overview of the six principles of Trust-Based Philanthropy.

Pia Infante’s Keynote at GEO’s 2018 Conference

Pia Infante, trustee and co-executive director of the Whitman Institute, reflects on her vision for the future of philanthropy, how we can lead change toward the progress we want to see and the future that we can only create by working together. Filmed at Grantmakers for Effective Organizations’ 2018 gathering in San Francisco.


Non Profit AF

Written by Vu Le, Nonprofit AF is a blog that discusses the fun and frustrations of working within the nonprofit sector. Vu has written several posts that are relevant to Trust-Based Philanthropy:

Trust-based Grantmaking:  What it is; and why it's critical to our sector.

Progressive Funders, You May Be Part of the Problem

10 Things Progressive Funders Must Learn