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Exploring the Pillars: Solicit & Act on Feedback

Perhaps the most radical thing we did, though, was to tell our grantee partners what we ended up doing with their feedback. Many nonprofit leaders are focus-grouped and surveyed and interviewed into oblivion, and never hear what comes of their ideas. In this case, we have emailed our grantee partners quarterly to keep them up to date on how we are following their lead and improving our system.

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Exploring the Pillars: Support Beyond the Check

For two days and a night, a facilitator led us through a series of conversations and activities that helped the 22 of us to get to know each other, build trust, and learn about each other’s work. We had large- and small-group conversations, and went on paired walks. Participants led sessions on alumni programs, evaluation, developing a racial justice lens, and other topics. We ate meals together, told stories, and many of us participated in a late-night karaoke session after the formal program ended.

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